At our 2016 Niagara Social Enterprise Forum, we chose seven shared values to guide us as we build and grow our diverse social entrepreneurial community. They are:

Entrepreneurial thinking

Entrepreneurs are resourceful, creative and inventive.  We disrupt the status quo. We look for any chance to make the situation better, effecting meaningful change, and taking calculated risks. Applying this mindset to overcoming obstacles and solving our problems, we create solutions that will last.  Just look at our list of social enterprises in Niagara to see.

Local solutions

Effective solutions to our social, economic and environmental issues will come from those of us who see and deal with them every day. We have the collective knowledge right here in Niagara to research, create, implement and adapt solutions and lessons learned to fit our local needs.


Our rich and diverse network has grown across Niagara and beyond. It continues to flourish, as you’ll see on our Resources page. Our members strive to find common ground and develop solutions that can be adapted in municipalities across the region.


This community is led and supported by dedicated social entrepreneurs in Niagara, and by leaders from all other sectors (public, private, educational, not-for-profit).  People just like you, in other words, who have first-hand experience with our issues and want to build a better Niagara. We really do learn from and empower one another constantly as we work together to reach our goals.  Just look at our Facebook page for proof.

Learn from global leaders

The social, economic and environmental issues we face know no borders. Neither should the solutions. We learn from and follow what has worked in other countries as we plan, operate and evaluate our social enterprises.  “Not-invented-here” is a bad attitude.


We need voices from every corner of our community to contribute to our diverse and resilient social entrepreneurial network. After all, a non-inclusive solution is not a sustainable solution. Together we can better discover our skills and capacities, identify and solve knowledge gaps, and build enterprises that help solve the pressing social, environmental and economic problems we face.


We believe that it takes many different kinds of knowledge to build a successful social entrepreneurial community. We share our experiences and ideas with experts in other industries to gain insight into how we can engage, grow and sustain our network.