Social Enterprise & Entrepreneur Networks in Canada

Below is a collection of for profit and nonprofit organizations who are involved with social enterprises and social entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. Each with their own unique stories and networks that will help you see many examples of #SocEnt activity in Canada.

Cowork Niagara is where freelancers, distance workers and small business work, collaborate and make awesome stuff together. Cowork Niagara proudly offers Niagara's largest calendar of professional development activities for the independent workforce.
Niagara Co-op Network
This self-monitoring group is a place for co-operative leaders from around Niagara to gather, share information and support each other.
CSED Logo New
CSED is a not for profit organization that advances businesses and organizations, whose primary objective is to drive systemic social change. We believe in the power of the social enterprise sector, and its ability to make the world a better place.
Social Enterprise Nova Scotia
Enhancing the strength of the social enterprise sector in Nova Scotia. Social enterprises are a central component of our communities and our economy and stand to increase their influence, impact and share of the market in the years and decades to come.
Social Enterprise Manitoba
Social Enterprise Manitoba is a network of action by people locally to create economic opportunities that improve social conditions. It is an initiative of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet).
On Co-op
Our vision is an Ontario where co-operatives contribute to the sustainability and growth of our economy and communities. On Co-op is an information and resources network with a mission to lead, cultivate and connect the co-operative sector.
We facilitate collaboration and exchange of networks and resources between organizations and individuals to collectively enhance the young demographic in Hamilton. We foster a culture of community engagement and contribute to city building for a sustainable Hamilton.
Co-operative Enterprise Council, New Brunswick
CECNB is a community economic development organization with a mission to support the growth and development of co-operatives, credit unions and other social enterprises in New Brunswick.
SEE Change - Magazine of Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship - Logo
SEE Change Magazine is Canada’s first publication for and about social enterprise and entrepreneurship. To inform, educate, and inspire social entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to see change in our world.
Riverdale Hub - Logo
The Riverdale Hub is an east end social enterprise housing the Riverdale Gallery, Social Gardener Cafe, over 12,000 sqft. of unique rental spaces, and numerous environmental initiatives.
Foster collaboration, social innovation, the collective impact, the financial autonomy of community organizations, social and collective entrepreneurship and responsible socio-economic development of the people.
Social Enterprises for Northern Ontario inspires community drive through multidisciplinary approaches to learning, creating and EXCELerating in social entrepreneurship.
Social Enterprise Ontario Logo
The SEontario website is a community-driven showcase of social enterprise (SE) and the social economy in Ontario. With a platform created by a collaboration of regional, provincial and national nonprofit organizations, SEontario demonstrates the geographic scope and community impact of SE across the province.
School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario - Logo
The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) runs learning programs for people from all backgrounds that have an idea or business with a community benefit.
Centre for Social Innovation - Logo
Members of the Centre for Social Innovation work across sectors to create a better world. We accelerate their success and amplify their impact through the power of coworking, community and collaboration.
Trico Charitable Foundation - Logo
The Foundation’s focus on social entrepreneurship emerged from the Chiu’s passion for entrepreneurship and a keen awareness of the need for creative solutions to ensure sustainability in the non-profit sector.
Buy Social Canada
Buy Social Canada brings socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers together, building business relationships that generate social benefits to communities across the country.
The Ontario Social Economy Roundtable was developed out of a need to connect, understand the common interests among social purpose organizations in Ontario, and where appropriate, collaborate actively to strengthen the sector.
Social Enterprise Rural Alliance is establishing a collaborative rural alliance for the purpose of encouraging social innovation.
Community Opportunity & Innovation Network Inc. trains and supports unemployed and underemployed individuals in our community, and fosters a social enterprise network in Peterborough.
Sojo's mission is to make social entrepreneurship the new normal for business by improving the business training and skills development available to social entrepreneurs and integrating these tools into 'traditional' entrepreneurship spaces.
As a 7,000-strong provincial network, with a volunteer base of 300 sector leaders, ONN brings the diverse voices of the sector to government, funders and business to create and influence systemic change.
BC Centre for Social Enterprise
Community Futures South Fraser and Mennonite Central Committee, Employment and Community Development, together with the community economic development movement across Canada, acknowledge the value of the social economy, and recognize the importance of connecting economic and social values.
Social Innovation Generation
A group who believes that serious social problems can be solved. Their focus is on fostering social innovation to achieve impact, durability and scale by engaging the creativity and resources of all sectors.
Social Enterprise Toronto Logo
Social Enterprise Toronto (SET) is the only network of non-profit social enterprises in the Greater Toronto Area. SET members run social enterprises that create employment & training opportunities for low income or marginalized individuals.
The CSE works closely with community partners to share knowledge and determine gaps in services, then uses the enthusiasm, creativity and innovation of student-led projects to provide changemaking opportunities for community partners that may otherwise be lacking resources to fill.
Rural Social Enterprise Constellation
RSEC connects, supports and grows social enterprise (SE) in rural Ontario. It’s a unique partnership among a diverse network of supporters and doers of rural social enterprise.
Pillar Nonprofit Network - Logo
Pillar provides leadership, advocacy and professional development, and promotes volunteerism, networking opportunities and information sharing. Pillar also believes fostering social enterprise, social innovation and cross-sector collaboration are key strategic priorities in building stronger and more inclusive communities.
WEtech Alliance - Logo
WEtech provides an extensive roster of programs, advisory services and training to clients and members in the technology and innovation sectors in the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent regions.
To transform the way business is done. Building strong social enterprises that nurture the health and sustainability of communities across Canada.
Building the Canadian Social Enterprise Ecosystem. Social Enterprise members. Social Enterprise resources. National Social Enterprise news, and more!
Social Enterprise Canada Logo
Building on the Enterprising Non-Profits program model developed in British Columbia, the goal of the project was to build sector and practitioner capacity by collectively designing and delivering training, resources, and technical assistance to support the development and growth of social enterprises.
Promotes the co-operative and social enterprise business models and supports the Francophone economic development.
Social Enterprise Catalyst Logo
seCatalyst is a network of people and organizations interested in building a strong social innovation and social enterprise sector on Vancouver Island.
MaRS works with an extensive network of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future. Our vision is bold; our mission is more important than ever before.
Innoweave is an initiative of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, in collaboration with Social Innovation Generation (SiG), thought leaders, academics, and prospective partners from the private and public sectors, which provides community sector leaders.