Niagara's Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

All the pieces are in place.  We just need to connect them.  The organizations below support social entrepreneurs; many are our community’s partners for Social Startups 2016.

Sean Campbell, Director of Scaled Purpose, commented that we are asking the same questions as other regions who are already engaged in Social Entrepreneurship.

Niagara has the capacity to become a leader in social entrepreneurship.

2016 Social Start Up Conference Featured Partners

What We Do To Bolster Social Enterprise in Niagara

Get People Together

The 2016 Niagara Social Enterprise Forum was, we hope, the first of many.  The Forum convened socents, businesses, non-profits, educators and public servants.  There, we started defining what our socent community will look like.  By sharing knowledge and planning next steps – together!

Connect Social Entrepreneurs & Social Enterprises (#SocEnt) to Resources

The builders of this thriving community need backers, tools, guides, mentors and materials.  Right here, you’ll find our growing catalogue of the best and most accessible of it!

Raise our SocEnt Community’s Profile

Many don’t even know they are socents; or that we are a community now; and many could join us in mutually rewarding partnerships!  So every day, we reach out – and every day, you can reach out to us!

Get Niagara’s Decision-makers Talking About and with us (Businesses, Educators, Non-profits & Government)

The growth of Niagara’s SocEnt community depends on the roots it sends into the community.  And the community, in turn, may come to depend on us for solutions to many current challenges.  Connection is vital.

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